Boots and ankle boots for short girls

You know that at Mas34 we love it when you write to us! All your questions and comments are of great help to us to improve our product, service and design.

That is why, at the request of many of you, we have started to create videos where we explain in detail doubts that have arisen over time. The first of them was: What shoes to wear if I have a wide calf, by far the question you most often ask us.

The second question that most of you share with us, and therefore the theme of this new video and blog, is: what ankle boots and boots to wear if I'm short? We have made a selection of types of ankle boots and boots that we think are ideal for girls who, like me, are a bit shorter.

The best boots and ankle boots for short women

Many of us may have heard the famous "beauty tips" that limit what we should or should not wear if you are petite: "Don't wear midi skirts or dresses that will shorten your legs", "Don't wear oversize clothes", "V-neck tops", "Tuck in your blouses", "Don't wear prints, only vertical lines" and many more "tips".

I emphasise the use of inverted commas because I believe that fashion should not be limited by our physical build.

Of course I'm all for using tricks that enhance and slim our figure, who doesn't like to look prettier! But I don't think you should stop wearing that wonderful midi dress you love for fear of looking "smaller".

We are all made of different sizes/measurements and none of us are more or less beautiful for it.

Here is our selection of boots and ankle boots for short girls, but I insist, let nothing limit you to use what you really like!

Here's a simple selection of our seasonal favourites that we think look great in style.

We hope you find this short review helpful, now it's time to decide which one is your favourite!

Military boots or biker boots for short girls

We always say it: military boots, biker boots or biker boots are here to stay!

In addition to being an extremely comfortable women's boot, their versatility allows you to combine them with absolutely all kinds of outfits and occasions.

They look just as good with trousers or leggings for a daytime stroll as they do with a skirt or dress for an evening dinner.

We have three options of military boots for short girls, all equally ideal and comfortable, but with very different designs.


Our coolest biker boot with the most "vibe". Made with a beautiful black coconut-effect leather that will combine with everything and will give a super modern touch to your looks.

On the sides there is a super flexible elastic that allows the boot to fit like a glove to all types of cufflinks and is super easy to put on.

With a 5cm platform and such a light track sole that you can't imagine what a pleasure it is to walk in them (I'm wearing them right now!). Adriana says they are the best boots she has ever designed, by far, because of their comfort.

The shaft is higher than normal, even higher than our already famous Carlota, but as you know this helps to create an optical effect of lengthening the legs, so, short girls, don't be afraid to take a risk with this beautiful biker boot!

Biker boot for short girls Biker boot for short girls


Our most classic and elegant biker boot. It has the same last as the Carlota, 4cm sole and our famous gel sole: comfort guaranteed.

Unlike the other designs, Adriana wanted to offer a more formal option for those of you who want to go for a pair of bikers, but without being too "modern".

Made with a super soft and tasty leather, they are available in black and taupe. They look just as good with trousers as with a dress, without a doubt a perfect boot for your wardrobe.

Remember that the external zip and button are decorative! You have an internal zip so you can put it on and take it off easily.

Military boot for short girls Biker boot for short girls


Our best seller for 3 years now, and we hope for many more! They are incredibly comfortable, beautiful and versatile.

Its velvet laces give it a more feminine touch and help to break the aggressiveness that characterises biker boots. They also allow you to adjust the width of the shaft, making them suitable for all types of cufflinks.

Made with a super special and tasty leather that really looks nicer with use, I've been wearing mine for 2 years and they're still intact! Thanks to the higher than normal shaft, the boot is very slimming, creating the optical effect of lengthening the legs.

Biker boots for short women Black military boots for short girls

Tall boots for petite women

The boots you fear the most... the musketeer. You always ask us:how to wear long boots as a short woman?

You love the musketeers, but many of you don't dare to wear them because you think they won't look good on you. Quite the opposite!

We've found that the moccasin boots stylise all types of figures and short women gain a few centimetres optically.

Whether you're tall, petite, petite, plump, slim, it doesn't matter, we can ALL wear it!


Our new perfected musketeer and one of the season's best sellers.

Those who know Adriana know that she's always had a passion for the musket boot and says that to this day it is her all-time favourite creation and design (which is why they are named after her son!).

Made with a wonderful suede and delicious leather lining that fits like a glove. If you get tired of wearing them high or you want to change your look, you can fold them like in the picture. A 2x1 boot! They have an internal zip to make it easier to put them on, a pronounced toe that makes them more elegant and an ideal and super comfortable 2.5cm heel.

 Musketeer boot for short women High musketeer boot for short girls

Comfortable heeled boots for short girls

Other boots for short girls that you can't miss in your wardrobe: a good pair of high-heeled boots to look great day and night.

As well as stylish we want you to be comfortable and confident that your boots will keep up with you. So this season Adriana has created a selection of heeled boots that are incredibly comfortable and of course, beautiful.


Undoubtedly our top best seller of the season. It really is a heeled boot for short girls that everyone should have, besides being a beauty that looks spectacular with everything, you can't imagine how comfortable it is.

A pair of jeans, a T-shirt and your Oscar boots and you've got yourself a catwalk look. Ideal for all heights and thanks to its wide shaft it is also suitable for thick twins, available in black, brown and khaki!

Heeled ankle boots for short women Heeled ankle boots for short girls


We started the season with just one colour, in black leather, but you liked it so much and it was so popular that we decided to bring out two more!

Made with the same last as Oscar but a little taller, without the "wrinkled" effect and instead of suede we use leather. A wide-leg boot not only to fit all of you, but it is also the grace of the design. Super stylish, chic and incredibly comfortable.

With a 5cm midi heel, ideal for day and evening wear, the heeled boot that will enhance all your autumn/winter looks!

Heeled boots for short girls Heeled boots for short women


Do you remember the Andrea boots? Last season they were a big hit and we're not surprised because it's a heeled boot that has it all: comfortable, classic, elegant and super combinable, so this season we wanted to offer you something similar but much better!

Nico is undoubtedly the definition of "theperfect low heeled boot for a wardrobe staple". A basic that you can wear for years to come. Made with the best leather available in the Spanish market and this time Adriana has decided to make it straight without the wrinkled effect.

The heel is similar to Andrea's, but a little bit lower, we have found that 6cm is the ideal size to last for hours without having to think about your feet. They don't have an internal zip because they look more elegant this way, so if you have a big instep it will be a bit difficult to put them on at first, but they give way immediately and in 1-2 days they will fit like a glove.

 High heeled boot for short girls High-heeled boots for short women

Flat boots for short women


If you're looking for a flat boot for short girls that you can use as a wardrobe essential, Gloria is yours! We brought them out last year, but they're back, perfected and much prettier.

Made with the same last as Gonzalo's, so comfort is guaranteed. This time we have reinforced the lining so that they are completely straight and do not fall down when walking. We have also added an internal zip to make them easier to put on.

A perfect boot for short girls in their day to day life, that will go with absolutely everything. Available in black leather, black suede and brown leather.

 Flat boot for short girls Flat boots for short women

Ankle boots for short girls


Last but not least, our Lorena ankle boots for short girls. Their square toe design gives them a modern and super stylish look. Made with a non-slip and extremely elastic sole, you can't imagine how soft they are.

If you have a wide foot I don't recommend them because they fit normal to slim. In any case, in each product file in the last photo you will find a table with the measurements per size. Keep in mind that the size of a size 36 is never the same as the size of a size 39, the height and diameter of the shaft always varies.

Heeled ankle boots for short girls Ankle boots for short women

I hope this mini selection of boots and ankle boots that we think look great on short girls has been helpful, but remember you are not limited to just these styles!

The question is notwhat boots to wear if I am short? Let's get rid of those unnecessary fears of looking smaller by wearing certain types of clothes.

Wear what you really like, including the moccasin boots! If you still have any questions, write or call us and we'll be happy to help.

And please don't hesitate to comment and give us feedback so that we can keep going from strength to strength.