The best bridal shoes to dazzle on your big day

What shoes to wear for my wedding?

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you share one of the most special days of your life with us... your wedding! We know the illusion and the work that goes into preparing everything: choosing the dress of your dreams, finding the ideal location, trying the best caterings... And defining the right bridal shoe that will accompany you all day and surely all night long.

It is not an easy task to find the perfect footwear for brides, it must be: beautiful, that matches your dress, suitable for the place (it is not the same if it is indoors or in the garden) and above all, COMFORTABLE.

On that day all eyes will be on you, so you will surely want to wear a spectacular bridal look. But no matter how much you wear the best hairstyle, the most beautiful makeup and the dress of your dreams, if you are not comfortable it is very likely that you will not be able to shine at 100%.

That is why at Mas34 we have been striving for years to create a wide range of comfortable bridal shoes.

You will see that we have many designs of different heel heights, colors and materials. This with the intention of trying to satisfy all possible tastes and needs.

So get ready, you're about to have your heart stolen by one of our bridal shoes.

We will show you and explain every detail of our selection of sandals, stilettos and wedges for brides.

(If you are not getting married, but you are looking for women's wedding shoes, keep reading this blog will also help you)

Sandals for bride

If your wedding will be during the warmer months, heeled sandals might be your best option. We have everything from the classic super thin and elegant sandals that will make you feel like a princess, to platform sandals and chunky heels that are all-terrain and incredibly comfortable.


A bridal sandal with a wide heel and a super light platform that will help you walk with confidence. Its 10cm heel and 3cm platform gives you a leaning sensation of 7cm, the maximum you can have to last all night long.

If you are not used to being tall, but you want to wear a high heel on your wedding day, this bridal sandal is the one for you.

It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor sites. Thanks to its thick heel, you won't have to suffer from it getting stuck in the grass or in those annoying little grooves, your best all-terrain ally! And like all our sandals, it has our famous special gel insole to give you more comfort.

All of our customers who have chosen Monica as their bridal sandal have contacted us again to tell us how incredibly comfortable they were. Even those who were not so used to wearing high heels were able to dance all day and all night in them. So don't worry, you won't need to carry a spare pair of flats.

It is available in a lot of colors and materials. If you are looking for a more classic and neutral sandal, Monica in natural suedeor camel raffia is the one for you. If you want to give a different touch to your bridal look and add a bit of color and texture, Monica in pink velvet or burgundy velvet will be the one for you.

Undoubtedly one of our best sellers for years, and hopefully many more to come, get ready to try the most comfortable bridal shoe in the world!

wide heel sandal for brides
Wide heel bridal sandal


Our Monica sandal has been so successful that this year we have decided to launch something very similar but even more comfortable... Yes, even more!

Our new Pancho bridal sandal has the same design and height as Monica, but with a thicker heel and higher platform.  

The heel has been designed wider to give you even more stability and security when walking.

We keep the same heel height of 10cm but we have made its platform of 3,5cm. The final slope sensation is 6,5cm, a real comfort pass. And of course it has our classic super soft gel sole that cushions your step and goat lining that adapts perfectly to your foot.

Lightweight, comfortable, elegant, sophisticated and with a modern touch.

Golden bridal sandalsbeige bridal sandals


With the same last of Pancho we decided to create another design of sandal for brides. The only change is that instead of having two thick straps on the instep, it has crossed straps at the front. Giving it a more feminine and sophisticated touch.

Same comfort, same height, same elegance. Whichever one you choose will be a total success and it will only depend on choosing the design that best matches you.

If you're looking for a gold bridal sandal, this is the one!

We are so in love with Pancho and Dante that we think they will become our new best sellers and we will probably see them at more than one wedding.

golden sandals bride wide heelBeige wide heel bridal sandal


If you are looking for a bridal sandal that is a little more refined, elegant and delicate, then Fiona is the one for you. A heeled sandal worthy of a princess. Its adjustable straps, in addition to having the advantage of being able to wear them higher or lower depending on the style you want, allow the shoe to be adaptable to all types of ankles.

Do not be afraid that the straps do not hold well and make you "chanclear", on the contrary! The rear heel strap has been designed thicker to provide total support to the foot so you can walk in complete safety.

A super simple bridal sandal with a square toe. Its upper, besides being thin, is extremely soft, so it will adapt perfectly to your foot.

If you are used to go high this sandal will seem very comfortable. Its heel measures 8cm, but its last is so well designed that you will not suffer for your feet. However, if you usually go flat and high heels are not your thing, they will not be so comfortable. In that case we recommend you opt for a low heel or a sandal with a platform.

It is undoubtedly a closet basic that everyone should have. In addition to the big day of your wedding we guarantee that you will use it for many more events for years and years. If you are more into gold or silver accessories, don't worry, it is available in gold and silver leather.

They fit a little small so if you hesitate between two sizes we recommend you take the larger size.

Adriana, CEO of Mas34, wore the silver Fiona bridal sandals for her big day, so imagine how much we love these bridal shoes!

silver bridal sandalssilver sandals for brides


Following the new trend and need for comfortable bridal shoes with a lower heel, we have decided to create the Teresa sandal.

With a 4cm pacifier style midi heel, it's the perfect height to really hold up ALL day long.

For us it was very important to maintain the femininity and formality that characterizes Mas34. So, despite being a low heel, its special design of very thin straps gives it a modern and modern touch. You will lose height, but not elegance!

Like all our bridal shoes, it has our special super soft gel sole that cushions your step and gives you more comfort.

Midi heel sandal for bridesComfortable heel sandal for brides


If you are looking for a very low heel sandal and super comfortable, Celia is the one.

We wanted the straps to be very thin to give them a more elegant touch. But we were afraid that the straps would get stuck and hurt when walking. So we used the most padded and softest leather you can imagine, you can go up and down without any problem.

Its plant is super fluffy, so much so that it is even possible to see it in the photos.

If you have a very thin foot we do not recommend them as they will slip off your foot for sure. But if you have a normal to wide foot you will love them.

Gold heel sandal for bridesBeige sandal for brides

Stilettos for bride

If you know Mas34 you will know that for years we have a huge variety of stilettos and pumps for women. We have manufactured an infinity of models of different designs, colors, materials and heights.

We are always looking for ways to improve and above all to keep up with the new needs that arise among our customers. That is why this year, after many requests, we have launched our first collection of super comfortable low stilettos with a 6cm heel.

You will see that we have salons for all kinds of occasions: baptisms, communions, graduations...but now we will focus on our selection of stilettos for brides.

We will explain every detail of our favorite bridal shoe models. Whether you are looking for a more classic and traditional design, but without losing that feminine touch, or if you want to take a little risk and go for a more different and daring bridal stilletos, we have all the options for you!

Traditional bridal stilettos


We should all have a Vega in our lives. It is a total classic that will last you for years and years and you can use it in all kinds of occasions. Despite being a classic stiletto, we have incorporated a more pronounced neckline than usual to create the optical effect of longer legs. The neckline allows your toes to show a little bit, which makes your instep look more beautiful and slender.

Its height is 7.9cm, so we recommend this model if you usually wear heels and you are a little used to go high. Otherwise, if you are more of a flat wearer, the Vega stiletto will not be too comfortable.

Of course you can't miss our special gel insole and the super soft lining that characterizes us.

If your idea is a pair of stilettos, these will not disappoint you! You will have the classic touch that characterizes bridal pumps, but with a modern, fresh and feminine touch.

Comfortable bridal stilettos
Beige bridal stilettos


If you've fallen in love with the Vega, but you're not used to being tall and prefer a smaller heel for your wedding day, we have the perfect alternative!

After many requests from our customers who wanted a lower and more comfortable stiletto, and almost three years creating different prototypes ... we have finally hit the nail on the head with our Maria stiletto.

We have achieved the perfect combination of comfort without losing the design that characterizes Mas34. Despite being a 6cm heel, it does not look like an old lady's little heel, on the contrary!

We kept the same line of all our stilettos: it is super low-cut to create the effect of long legs and more beautiful instep, super soft goat lining, special gel sole and leather upper.

These stilettos are perfect for brides: elegant, classic, but, above all, very comfortable. Whether you are used to wearing heels or not, these will be ideal for your wedding day. You will be able to dance, jump and have fun without having to worry about your feet.


Our third option for your bridal shoes are the beautiful and already famous Catalina. With a chunky 9cm heel they are much taller than the Vega and of course Maria.

We only recommend if you are used to go in heels, as they are quite high. It is true that thanks to its wide heel you will feel very stable and will not get wedged in the grass or in small ruts, but it will not necessarily make it more comfortable than for example a 7,9cm Vega.

If high stilettos are your thing, these will fit perfectly for your big day! As always the design is super low-cut to make your legs longer and prettier, special super comfortable gel sole and extra soft goat lining.

Just like our Monica bridal sandals, the Catalina sandals are available in different colors and materials. You can choose from a classic like natural suede or something more special and different like pink velvet

Bridal stilettos wide heelThick heel stiletto for bride in pink velvet


Bold stilettos for brides

Do you want to go a little bit out of the traditional and are looking for something different and special? We have THE ideal model.

Alba - Manuela - Amalia

One of our favorite stilettos, not only for how beautiful and different, but also for how comfortable they are. Undoubtedly one of the best lasts in relation to the height we have ever made. If you are used to wearing heels, you will find these spectacular.

Despite being tall, they are extremely comfortable. It's a last that took us a long time to develop. We created 15 different prototypes until we found the perfect one, and we really hit the nail on the head!

We have never had a bad review of these wedding shoes because they really are spectacular. But this does not take away from the fact that it is a high heel of 8cm, if you do not usually wear stilettos and you are more of a flats person, you may not find them excessively comfortable.

Like all our shoes, they have our famous special super soft gel sole and goat lining that fits the foot like a glove. They fit a little small so when in doubt we recommend that you take a larger size.

We have designed three models with this last, each one very different from the other, but sharing the same quality and comfort. We have lots of wonderful comments from all the customers who have tried them, so now it's just a matter of choosing the design that you like the most and that fits best with your wedding dress.

You won't regret it, they are so comfortable and beautiful!


Adriana's all-time favorite stiletto! An elegant design, sober, simple and at the same time with such a special touch that is not usually seen in other models of stilettos. It is the typical shoe that you will wear and someone will ask you where you got it.

Even though it's an open-toe shoe, you won't be afraid of slipping. Thanks to its thick ankle strap you will feel super fastened when walking.

Different bridal stilettosOriginal bridal stilettos


Elegant, classic and with a totally different point. Sexy but at the same time sophisticated, its very pronounced neckline at the front but very closed on the sides creates an incredible effect of lengthening your legs. Optically it is brutal how much it favors the Manuela stilettos.

Comfortable bridal stilettosStilettos bride heeled


Amalia is the third version of this famous and very comfortable last. Elegant, sophisticated, classic and with a brutal sexy touch.

Just as low-cut as the Manuela but this time we have decided to make it totally closed. Don't worry, you will get the same optical effect of longer legs.

Sexy bridal stilettosBold bridal stilettos

Wedges for bride

If you are a summer lover and you will celebrate your wedding in the warmer months, don't miss the wonderful opportunity to get married with bridal wedges.

All the models described above are suitable for all year round, but espadrilles can only be worn if you have a summer wedding.

If you choose to wear this type of bridal shoes, the advantages are many, but the main one is that you will be COMFORTABLE. Whether for the ceremony, the reception or the dance floor, you won't need to take them off all day long.

We have several models of wedges and espadrilles for brides: from gold, silver, nude, to materials such as esparto and embellished jute. But we have two favorite models that we believe are ideal for brides.


We wanted a wedge that could be used to be very elegant and suitable for formal events such as weddings, baptisms and communions.

For this we implemented the characteristic design of our stilettos: the pronounced neckline that shows a little bit the toes and at the same time creates the effect of longer legs and more beautiful instep.

On the other hand, we decided to work with a wonderful supplier of waxed raffia and metallic gold with silver to replace the classic esparto grass. This material has a super nice effect that combines with everything and gives a much more elegant touch.

This is how our Isabel wedge for brides was born. With a height of 10cm and a 3cm platform, you will have a 7cm inclination sensation, the perfect measure to go high and comfortable (of course, as long as you are used to wearing high heels).

And to top off this perfection, in addition to our famous special gel sole, its platform is made of cork. This makes it extremely light, easy to wear and very comfortable. It also serves to cushion the footprint, something that your back will greatly appreciate when walking.

If you are looking for bridal wedges in nude, silver or gold, you have found the right model!

They are really special, those who try them always repeat. A closet essential that will save you on many occasions. Comfortable, beautiful, elegant, they go well with everything... a fantastic shoe wildcard!

Cream beige nude bridal wedgeSilver bride wedgeGolden bride wedge


If you've fallen in love with our Isabela espadrille for brides but you're not quite convinced of its height...don't worry we have an ideal alternative.

Bella has the same super nice, elegant and low-cut design, but they are lower. It has a height of 8.50cm and a platform of 2.50cm, giving an inclination of 6cm. A very comfortable wedge, all-terrain and super sophisticated.

We keep the same very low-cut, lace-up design that elongates your legs and makes the upper super cute.

We replace the esparto again and use the embellished raffia for the braiding of the wedge. This time we opted for a super nice and combinable white waxed.

Basic, elegant, feminine and goes with everything!

We have many more designs for you, such as esparto wedges for brides, but we have decided to focus on these two very special models.

 Elegant bridal espadrilleWedges for stylish and comfortable brides


Nothing makes us more excited to see our clients happy and beautiful at their wedding, and to know that they have trusted us to wear them on their big day, is beyond words.

We hope this great selection of shoes for brides will be of help to you and that you have finally found your other half.

If you are still not sure or if you doubt between two designs, you can call or write us, we will be happy to help and advise you!