Going to a wedding is synonymous with joy and fun. There is nothing nicer than celebrating and being part of someone special's big day surrounded by your friends and/or family. But we also know that being a wedding guest is a big task.

From the moment you receive the invitation you can't help but think: What am I going to wear? How am I going to do my hair? What shoes will I wear? In short, your head starts spinning non-stop trying to define the whole look.

If you add to that the fact that you are the godmother of the wedding... the responsibility goes up to another category!

The role of a bridesmaid has a fundamental and invaluable value, they serve as support for the bride and groom before and during the wedding. From accompanying the bride to her dress fittings to acting as hostess with the guests and making sure everything goes as planned.

Bridesmaid wedding shoes

Being a bridesmaid is an honor and therefore it is important to look up to the title.

We have created this blog to help you choose the best bridesmaid shoes, a super defined selection of our top favorite models.

First we have taken into account the visual factor. Shoes that have stolen our hearts and have become our favorites because of their special and elegant design. But above all we have studied the comfort of each one. We want that besides looking beautiful, you feel very comfortable and you can walk and dance throughout the wedding without having to suffer for your feet.

You must be fully prepared and equipped to play your role as "super fairy godmother"!

Now, it will depend on your needs and the place where the wedding will be held in order to define a specific model. Will the wedding be in hot or cold weather? Will it be in a hall or outdoors with a garden and cobblestones? Are you used to be tall? All this will be essential when choosing the perfect bridesmaid shoe.

Sandals for bridesmaid

If the wedding will be during spring-summer when temperatures rise a little more, a sandal will be ideal for you. We have from the thinnest and most elegant designs to "all terrain" sandals that are very comfortable.

Heeled sandals for bridesmaid

Let's start with heeled sandals, an essential closet staple that everyone should have. It's worth investing in one that you like, that is combinable and comfortable.

Believe me you will use it a lot of times, and not only for formal events, any dinner with friends you wear a pair of jeans with a blazer and your sandals and you will look cute.

High heel sandal: Fiona

One of our favorites at MAS34! We never get tired of saying how beautiful and comfortable it is. Its super thin straps make it so elegant and sophisticated that you can combine it with any outfit. The back strap is designed a little thicker to provide more support and not feel like you are "flip-flopping" when you walk.

A very comfortable last, it has our famous special gel insole that molds to your foot and cushions the footprint. An 8cm heel, the perfect limit to go high, but without suffering for your feet. If you are used to wearing heels, these will be ideal for you.

Looking for a gold or silver sandal that is elegant? Then Fiona is for you.

Silver bridesmaid wedding sandal
Golden sandal bridesmaid wedding sandal


Sandal with platform: Monica

The undisputed favorite for bridesmaids. Every season we launch a new color and you will love this model so much that we currently have it available in 11 different colors and materials.

It is a sandal with a 10cm thick heel and a 3cm platform, which gives you a 7cm sloping sensation. You will be tall but extremely comfortable. It has of course our famous special gel insole that everyone loves.

If the wedding will be held outdoors and there will be a garden or cobblestone, this one will be a life saver. You will avoid the heel from digging into the grass or annoying grooves and the platform will give you a feeling of greater stability when walking. A heeled sandal a little more "all terrain" but without losing elegance and sophistication.

We have it available in leather, velvet, raffia, linen and in different colors. Now it will be difficult to choose your favorite.

Sandal gold heeled bridesmaid wedding sandal
Beige heel sandal bridesmaid wedding sandal

Midi heel sandal: Celia

Not used to wearing high heels and looking for something more comfortable? Meet Celia.

Its 5cm midi heel is the perfect heel to wear all day and all night. You will be very comfortable, but without losing an ounce of elegance.

It was super important for us to be able to keep the straps very thin and thus achieve a more sophisticated touch, but we were afraid that they would hurt when walking. That is why we have used the softest materials on the domestic market. Their padded reinforcement will prevent them from hurting you when you walk.

We have made it in three fundamental and super basic colors: gold, natural suede and black coco.

Midi heel sandal bridesmaid wedding sandalLow heel sandal bridesmaid wedding sandal

Godmother flat sandals

Beach weddings are beautiful, being in front of the sea under the sun gives a sense of peace and inexplicable joy. But something that does not give any joy is that your shoe gets stuck in the sand and you have to walk like a crab.

For those weddings in extra complicated terrain, such as sand, we recommend that you do not suffer anything and opt for a flat sandal.

Rest assured that we have a special selection of elegant flat sandals that are ideal for weddings. But we have two favorites that are perfect flat sandals for bridesmaids. 

Gold and silver sandal: Pol

A trick to make a flat sandal more elegant and suitable for a formal event, is to be gold or silver. That little touch of glitter will give the shoe a more special and sophisticated look.

In this case we advise you to choose based on what you usually use more, are you of gold or silver accessories? This way you will have a sandal that you can easily combine and use a thousand times more and not only for this wedding in particular.

Our undisputed favorite is Pol. We launched it last season as part of the SS21 capsule collection, but we loved it so much that we couldn't resist bringing it back.

Its special and original design will catch more than one eye. But what can't be explained is its extra soft and cushioned sole, you have to try it to understand me, it's very comfortable!

 Wedding bridesmaid flat sandalWedding bridesmaid flat sandal

Rhinestone sandal: Carla

Just like the bag, jewelry or headdress; shoes are a very important accessory. So, if we are going to "sacrifice" the height of a heel, we can compensate with details such as rhinestones on flat sandals.

We have been wearing Carla for more than 9 years, a beautiful, original, elegant and very comfortable sandal.

Don't worry about the ankle strap "shortening" your legs, on the contrary. Its design has been carefully studied and the strap is positioned a few centimeters higher than normal to create an optical sensation of longer legs and a more beautiful instep.

They are super flattering, no matter if you are tall or short, it is a sandal for everyone. Of course it has our famous cushioned gel sole and insole that cushions the footprint.

If you want a more neutral tone that is easy to combine, we recommend the natural suede or black. But if you dare and want to give a touch of color to your outfit, go for the blue leather with turquoise stones that are spectacular.

 Wedding bridesmaid flat sandalWedding bridesmaid flat sandal

Wedges for bridesmaid

We love the heat, but a summer wedding can be a bit overwhelming if the temperatures rise too high. Between the dress, the makeup, the hairstyle and you not stopping sweating.... believe me, we've all been there. 

A solution to "lighten" the discomfort of the moment is to wear a super comfortable shoe that allows you to walk throughout the wedding in complete safety and without suffering a second for your feet. What better than wedges as a bridesmaid shoe.

We have a special collection of party wedges that are ideal for formal events. They are not the typical esparto wedge that can look a little bit rougher, we have used the best materials of the national market such as embellished raffia and gold and silver mirror effect leathers that are precious.

In addition, something very important that all our wedges have is the cork sole. First, it makes it super light, the shoe will not weigh you down at all. Secondly, the cork also acts as a shock absorber when walking, something that your feet and back will greatly appreciate.

Gold and silver wedge: Isabel

If you're looking for a gold or silver wedge, you've come to the right place. Our Isabel wedge can't be pretty.

The upper is made with a spectacular mirror effect leather. For the braiding we use an embellished raffia in silver and gold tones that gives a super elegant touch to the shoe.

It has a height of 11cm and a platform of 4cm, giving a feeling of inclination of 7cm. Like all our wedges it is made of cork so that it does not weigh and cushions the footprint and of course, it has our famous special gel insole.  

The perfect wedge for bridesmaids. Beautiful, elegant, comfortable and versatile, they are without a doubt our best selling and most loved wedges of the last years!

 Golden wedge wedding bridesmaidSilver wedge wedding bridesmaid

Nude or beige wedge: Bella

If you are looking for a wedge in more neutral tones and that is a little lower, we recommend our Bella model.

It is exactly the same design as the Isabel, the only thing that changes is the height and colors. Its wedge measures 8,5cm and the platform 2,5cm, inclination feeling 6cm.... very comfortable!

We have replaced the silver and gold tones with nude patent leather and natural suede (which they make exclusively for us). For the braiding we have used an embellished raffia in pearly tones that looks super elegant.

Comfortable and easy to combine, this wedge is undoubtedly ideal for a bridesmaid.

Wedge beige bridesmaidWedge nude bridesmaid wedding

 Stilettos for bridesmaid

Is your idea for a bridesmaid shoe more like a stiletto?

Well, you are talking to the experts in stilettos, we have been designing and searching for the perfect model for over 8 years! You will see that we have many designs in different colors and materials.

We know that so many options can be a bit overwhelming, but in order to narrow down the options and make it easier for you to choose one, it is important that you are clear about what your needs are and whether or not you are used to wearing high heels.

We will give you our favorite choice of each style of stiletto, from high heel or low heel and traditional or rather original design.

 High-heeled stiletto: Vega

If you are a champion of heels and you are used to go high, Vega is an ideal stiletto. It is a perfect closet essential that looks good with absolutely everything, I assure you that you will get an unimaginable performance.

Its 7,9cm heel is the perfect limit to go high but comfortable. Of course, it has our special super cushioned and comfortable gel insole.

Like all our stilettos, its design is a little more low-cut than usual to show a little bit of the little toes and create the optical effect of a nicer instep and longer leg. It is an almost imperceptible detail but it makes a huge difference. You go from having a classic stiletto to a more feminine and elegant one.

Stiletto beige bridesmaidStiletto blue bridesmaid

Midi Heel: Maria

For those who suffer with high heels and who don't like to be tall, we introduce you to Maria.

We kept receiving requests from our customers who wanted something like the Vega but lower. Comfortable and beautiful heels that you could wear all day long, and as their wishes were our orders, of course we couldn't resist.

After a year and many prototypes, we finally found the perfect model! We managed to keep our same line of low-cut design to create the effect of a nice instep and longer legs, but with a lower heel of 6cm.

As always, they have our special super-cushioned gel insole that adapts to your foot and cushions your stride.

You will lose height but not style, a low stiletto perfect for a bridesmaid.

 Brown stilettos bridesmaid weddingStilettos nude bridesmaid wedding

Stiletto with wide heel: Catalina

Will the wedding be in a garden? In that case it would be best to wear a slightly wider heel that won't be wedged in when you walk.

Of course, I only recommend it if you are used to being tall. Catalina has a 9cm heel, quite high. Although it is a thick heel, it is not necessarily more comfortable than a 7.9cm Vega.

If you are not afraid of heights, Catalina will make you fall in love. You have it available in a lot of colors and materials, you will surely find the perfect one for your bridesmaid dress.

Stiletto wide heel bridesmaid wedding heelStiletto pink thick heel stiletto bridesmaid wedding

Stiletto heeled: Alba

Last but not least, our favorite at Mas34....stiletto Alba. The perfect blend of design, originality, elegance and comfort.

Despite being high with an 8cm heel, it is incredibly comfortable. It is without a doubt the most comfortable shoe in relation to the height we have.

It is not the typical stiletto of a lifetime, we wanted something special that had rollazo. Its super special design, with a pronounced toe and a thick strap, will catch more than one eye.

Looking for a bridesmaid stiletto that's a little more special and different (and of course comfortable)? Alba is the one for you, you won't regret it!

Stiletto black bridesmaid