The best boots and ankle boots for women with wide cufflinks

One of the most frequently asked questions is: what boots or ankle boots can I wear if I have a wide calf?

We know how complicated it can be to find the ideal boot; that besides being beautiful is comfortable, combinable and of the best quality. If we add the variable of having a wide calf, sometimes our options can be limited.

In Mas34 we love to be in contact with our clients, we love that you tell us your doubts or concerns in order to improve every day. We are aware that the preset canons of beauty do not match our reality, that there are those of us who are fat, thin, athletic, short or tall and therefore with different needs.

So, thanks to your doubts and comments, we have created a video where we recommend our ideal boots and ankle boots for girls with wide cufflinks.

Boots or booties are a great (and necessary) investment, so we hope you find this video and blog helpful.... Now the hard part will be choosing your favorite!

Tall boots for women with wide cufflinks

Many of you are afraid to take the risk of wearing a pair of boots, the short ones think that they will shorten your legs and the ones with wide calf that they will not fit you well. You think it's a luxury reserved only for tall, slim girls.

Well, the opposite is true: the cowboy boot looks great on EVERYBODY! We have checked, it is a boot that stylizes so much that no matter your height or weight you will look great. If you dare to try them, we have two options:


Our new perfected model and one of the best sellers of the season. Those who know Adriana know that she has always had a passion for the musket boot and says that to this day it is her favorite creation and design of all time (that's why they are named after her son!).

High boots in black suede for girls with wide calf
Suede flat boots ideal for women with wide cufflinks


Our next selection of boots for girls with wide cufflinks is the Soledad, a musketeer boot that besides being very comfortable (like all our shoes) we have decided to give it a special touch by adding silver studs.

It has an internal wedge of 2.5cm that will not be visible on the outside, but you will fall in love when walking. A very comfortable, beautiful and super original muskette boots.


Women's studded high boot with thick cufflinks
High boots with studs for girl with wide cufflinks

Low boots for girls with wide cufflinks

If you are looking for low top boots that fix your calves but at the same time allow you to go up and down without having to suffer for your feet, get ready, we have the right one for you. 


This boot is synonymous with comfort, it's like going barefoot! If you're not so used to wearing heels, here's your solution.

With a 7cm thick heel and 2cm platform, you will have a 5cm leaning sensation, almost imperceptible. But best of all, its inner lining. We have used a super padded fabric that until you try it you will not understand when I say it's like wearing sneakers on the street. Super recommended! 


Women's comfortable heeled boot with wide cufflinks
Black heeled boot for girls with thick cufflinks


Women's military or biker boots with wide cufflinks

Military boots, biker boots or biker boots are here to stay. In addition to being a comfortable women's boot, they are extremely versatile. They are just as ideal with cargo pants as they are with a super feminine dress.

We have two military boots for wide cufflinks that you won't be able to resist, very different styles, but both with adjustable shaft making them suitable for all types of cufflinks. If you still don't have yours, don't wait any longer!


Our first biker style boot, which we have fallen in love with so much that it is now part of Mas34's permanent collection. Its track sole is so light that you won't even notice you're wearing boots.

It is made with the softest leather on the market that adapts perfectly to your feet and is also very pleasant to the touch. Its shaft is a little higher than normal to create the optical effect of lengthening the legs (I swear that the boots lengthen your legs divinely!).

But the detail that makes all the difference are the velvet laces, giving them a more elegant touch and breaking a little the "hardness" that characterizes military boots. In addition, they allow you to adjust the width of the shaft to adapt them to your calf, a military boot suitable for all types of legs!

Black military boot for girls who want to conceal wide cufflinks


Pair of women's military boots with wide cufflinks


If the Carlota boots are light...the Matías are a scandal. We have managed to make a biker boot so light that it is like walking in slippers.

Made with our famous black coco effect leather that looks good with absolutely everything and of course, it is very soft. Its shaft is even higher than the Carlota, again, the boots lengthen your legs insuperably.

Although they may appear narrow, they have super flexible elastic on both sides, allowing the boot to fit any calf thickness.

Women's biker boot with thick wide fat cufflinks
Girl with black motor boots ideal for wide cufflinks

Comfortable boots for wide calf heels

Something very important for us is that in addition to looking gorgeous, you should be super comfortable. No matter how spectacular a heeled shoe is, it must be easy to wear.

If you are a girl with wide cufflinks, we have two options for you: one for if you are used to wearing heels and one for if you prefer to go a little less high.


The undisputed best seller of the season, we have made 5 restockings and you have sold out instantly! Something that doesn't surprise us since it's really comfortable, made with the softest suede you can imagine and with such a special design that all eyes will be on you.

Its 5cm pacifier heel is almost imperceptible when walking. A heeled boot that will accompany you during the jogging of the day and the elegance of the night. Thanks to its wide shaft and soft suede , it is perfectly adaptable to all types of cufflinks.

Available in 3 beautiful colors: brown, black and khaki, what are you waiting for to get yours?

Brown boot with heel for women with wide cufflinks
Black suede boots and heel for wide cufflinks


For those who prefer to wear higher heels, Andrea is the right model. Do not be fooled by the height, despite having a heel of 8cm it is incredibly comfortable and stable when walking. Thanks to its super studied last and thick heel you will be able to wear them all day long without any problem.

The higher shaft of the boot does not prevent girls with a wide calf from wearing them, as they are also made with the super soft suede and leather that characterizes us. Available in brown suede, black suede and black leather, an ideal closet essential that will enhance all your looks.

Black and high heel boot for wide cufflinks
A boot for wide cufflinks made in brown suede

Women's ankle boots with wide cufflinks

Women's ankle boots are the perfect wildcard for all your fall/winter looks. Comfortable, combinable and with a small heel that is all-terrain. They are perfect to give them a jog throughout the day and look stylish at night.

Brown, black or other colors: we have something for all tastes and girls with thick cufflinks.

Lorena and Jimena

These heeled ankle boots couldn't be more comfortable and elegant. They are the typical women's ankle boots that enhance any look whether casual or formal.

Both models are made with the same last, so you will have the same comfort. The only difference is that Lorena has a wide elephant heel and a non-slip sole. On the other hand, Jimena has a thinner heel (giving it a more elegant touch) and has a normal sole. They are available in six different colors and materials.


Women's comfortable heeled ankle boots with wide cufflinks
Comfortable heeled ankle boots for girls with wide cufflinks



The bootie that stylizes any calf, wide or not. No matter the height, weight, if you wear a dress or pants; it is a shoe that is always ideal.

It is one of our first boots in Mas34 and have liked so much that it was unthinkable not to include them in the permanent collection. Its super studied last is very comfortable and thanks to its 4cm heel it is perfect for walking all day long.

It has an elastic on both sides so that the boot is flexible and adaptable to all types of cufflinks. We have it in three colors: black suede, khaki suede and leopard print. So whether you need a more classic bootie for your closet or you prefer to give a more special touch to your outfit, we have an option for all tastes.


Leopard print wide cufflink booties
Ankle boots for girls with thick cufflinks



Same last as the Rocío (so equally comfortable) but a little bit higher. Many people worry that they are less stylish because of this detail, but, on the contrary, in our opinion they are even more stylish. The buckle and strap on the side give them a different look to the rest of the boots.

Same very comfortable 4cm heel that you will not notice when walking and instead of having an elastic on the sides we have added a zipper to make it easier to put on and take off.

Finally, the suede we use is extremely soft so it will adapt perfectly to your foot in a matter of one or two uses. The ideal bootie for women with wide calf and your next closet essential that will accompany you for many seasons.


Brown suede ankle boot for styling wide cufflinks
Women's black ankle boots for wide cufflinks


We hope that with this small selection you already know which boots or booties for wide cufflinks are ideal for you. Don't forget to share with us your doubts, ideas or concerns, we love to hear from you and your opinions!

You know you can contact us for any questions you may have, if you are not sure about the size or you like so many models that you can't decide...we are here to help you!

A big hug from all the Mas34 team.