Change: Mas34 takes over

The first change is free of charge.

Steps to follow for Seur to pick up the package and deliver it to the Mas34 office:

Fill in the following form. Tell us your email, order number and
model / size / color for which you want to change it.

DON'T FORGET to click on "request Seur pick up" to schedule date, time and address. Remember that you can select a Seur point so you don't have to wait at home.

3. Put the box inside the Seur bag that we send you along with the shoes, protect it, close it and write your name and phone number, as well as MAS34PISA FUERTE and 652532513. If you choose a delivery point instead of home collection, you must show the QR code or print the label that Seur sends you when you fill in your details.

4. Once we receive your package, we will notify you by email confirming the change and in 24h Seur will deliver it to you.

Remember to check on our website the availability of the model and size for which you want to make the change. To do this you must see if it allows you to add it to the cart. If there is not, please contact us and we will let you know if we will receive it soon.

Only 1 exchange per model will be accepted. In case you want to make several changes
we will make the return and you will have to buy a new pair.


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